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The Fibre Frontier: nutrition for the second brain

Referred to by some as “the second brain”, the microbiome plays a crucial role in animal physiology. Stimulation of the gut microbiome is emerging as a nutritional strategy for improved animal performance.

As the main “feed” or substrate for bacteria to ferment, fibre is receiving renewed research interest due to its influence on the microbiome.

The International Fibre Summit looks to bring together experts in fibre understanding, animal nutrition and gut function to identify opportunities to exploit fibre to the advantage of the host.

Agenda & Speaker Profiles


The value of fibre: Engaging the second brain for animal nutrition


Published in conjunction with the International Fibre Summit 2019, this book reviews the latest advances in the understanding of dietary fibre for animal nutrition and discusses the practical application of the research.

The book and e-book are available to buy from Wageningen Academic Publishers

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AC Marriott Barcelona Forum, Spain

The AC Hotel Barcelona Forum is one of Barcelona's best hotels for conference and seminar holding with its multiple spacious and well-equipped rooms designed to host a variety of events.

AC Hotel Barcelona Forum
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